Music For Plays

Photo credit: Sue Kessler

Photo credit: Sue Kessler

A Woman Among Women

A Woman Among Women is one of five plays in Julia May Jonas’ “All Long True American Stories” - an epic-play cycle reimagining male experience plays from the American theater canon.

This play-with-music is written in response to Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, and considers Miller’s adoption of Greek theater and archetypes, the use of these archetypes in the theater of group therapy, and the place of catharsis in both our current theatrical landscape and our consciousness.

Last seen: Prelude, Fall 2018; NACL Summer Residency, Summer 2018.


We Used To Wear Bonnets / Get High All The Time

We Used To Wear Bonnets / Get High All The Time is another play in Julia May Jonas’ “All Long True American Stories.”

This multi-generational story is a riff on Eugene O’Neill’s A Long Day’s Journey Into Night that explores inherited trauma, substance abuse, and inter-generational forces that are out of our control. Why have we become who we’ve become?

Last seen: Skidmore College’s Fall Production, Bernhard Theater, Fall 2018.

Photo credit: Nayantara Parikh

Photo credit: Nayantara Parikh

The Shakuntala Project

The Shakuntala Project was written and directed by Nihkil Mehta, and performed at The Black Box Okhla in New Dehli, India in 2017. The meta-theatrical play-within-a-play comments on the impossibility of rehearsing a relationship and truly knowing your partner’s next move. The score was co-written with writer/composer Jahn Sood. Reviewed here.



Jean Anouilh’s Becket first opened on Broadway in 1960. This production, directed by Neal Kelley at the Gene Frankel Theater in NYC, 2014, starred Chicago Fire’s Yuri Sardarov and Pomme Koch. Below are excerpts from the score.